Twytel is a provider of advanced telecommunications service

IP Centrex

The TwyTel IP Centrex is a phone solution designed for businesses. It is created for companies wishing to have an operating, developed and qualitative phone connection 24/7.

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Mobile VoIP

To use software you just need to have quick Internet connection, a phone number, a computer with a microphone and speakers or mobile phone.

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Virtual number

TwyTel proposes phone numbers in more than 80 countries allowing you to establish a local presence in these countries in various cities of your choice.

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Our Services

Get new numbers from 80 different countries or keep your existing number(s). Twytel allows you to replace your landline to make and receive unlimited calls over your Internet connection, on cable, Wi-Fi or 3G.
We cooperate with individuals and with international companies all over the world. Our clients can choose the best proposals among the offered services and select the convenient payment methods. We offer a large list of services.


No need to buy a telephone station
Commitments of 3 or 5 years
Connection with phones is carried out through PC or Wi-Fi
One account for subscriptions and communications


Internet telephone service that works as usual landline phone
The cost of the VoIP is cheaper than a standard telephony
High quality
One account for subscriptions and communications


You don't need to care about collecting payments
Save client's time and money
Increase your profit
Flexible and profitable pricing options

Why choosing TwyTel ?

More benefits for individuals and professionals

  • No need to buy a telephone station

  • Commitments of 3 or 5 years

  • Connection with phones is carried out through PC or Wi-Fi

  • One account for subscriptions and communications

  • Contract of maintenance service

  • TwyTel is your single source for all your telephony

  • You hold your phone numbers

  • Absence of additional cables

Company Overview

In the telecommunication area TwyTel takes the leading position among the similar companies. We offer our clients the innovative service of IP-telephony, as well as VoIP-technology, they get intercity and international calls at a low price. Our long-term experience and success allow us to cooperate with progressive dealers such as Cisco, Clarent, Lucent, Nortel, AudioCodes, Asterisk and Quintum. The Twytel's systems are compatible with VoIP equipment from worldwide vendors.

We offer direct local virtual numbers in over 60 countries around the world. Our services allow to do outgoing calls and get incoming calls. And it doesn't depend on the user's location. Moreover, our technology helps to decrease telephone charges and create an impression of a domestic call.

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Our Mission

The success of our clients means also our progress. So we are making all efforts providing the superior connection considering all aspects of technology development and user's needs. This is our mission and a sense of our work.

As the reliable partner, we guarantee to support every our client and make their business life more easy, convenient and effective. In the modern world only highly developed technologies help to reach profitable goals and provide further development.

Our Vision

Our vision consists of becoming the best telecommunication provider for the wholesale and business market around the world. We obtain it by rendering reliable, safe and competitive services which are useful and profitable to our customers. Analyzing user's inquiries we improve existing technologies to satisfy the demands and needs of our clients.