What exactly we create

TwyTel makes a virtual number. It’s something incredible in the business world.

The main advantages of the virtual number are the possibility to have a virtual presence in any country worldwide and to be closer to the international market.
The same benefits get individuals who want to communicate with their families in other countries.

Impressive advantages

8 benefits for business owners

  • No need to buy a telephone station

  • Commitments of 3 or 5 years

  • Connection with phones is carried out through PC or Wi-Fi

  • One account for subscriptions and communications

  • Contract of maintenance service

  • TwyTel is your single source for all your telephony

  • You hold your phone numbers

  • Absence of additional cables

Steps on applying

Obtain a VoIP phone adapter

Your phone must have technology VoIP or Skype, otherwise you cannot make calls. An ordinary phone (PSTN) doesn't have it and we propose to use VoIP adapter as an analog of VoIP phone.

Connect your telephone to the LINE

Using a standard phone line connect phone to the LINE 1 port of the phone adaptor.

Get instructions for a VoIP phone adapter

All phones are different and the connection conditions vary from one model to another. You should take all necessary instractions when you buy the phone adapter. The vendor company must send you all instructions about how hook up and to use the adapter.

Turn on your phone adapter

Connect the power cord to the back of the adapter and connect the device to a power outlet. To support your phone work do not unplug the cable from the outlet.

The last step

You should wait few minutes before your phone adaptor starts working.

Price By Location

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