For professionals and individuals

The TwyTel virtual number is made for you! A real revolution for the enterprises’ world.

We provide telephone numbers that makes it possible to call and be called from almost anywhere in the world. Twytel offers you geographic, toll-free, and iNum® telephone numbers from over 80 countries worldwide and more than 10 000 cities.

Advantages of virtual numbers

You can benefit from this advantages :

  • Calls at local prices

  • You can be reached worldwide at your phone number at the price of a local communication

  • TwyTel supplies you a French number (zones 01…09)

  • With TwyTel you hold your phone number

A foreign phone number for home or office

TwyTel proposes phone numbers in more than 80 countries allowing you to establish a local presence in these countries in various cities of your choice. Your correspondents will think you are located in the country from which is your phone number. Both companies and individuals traveling or working overseas can benefit from this option.

How to proceed?

Choose a country from our list and hold a virtual number to receive local phone calls from the country you have selected.