Some advice before reaching technical support

  • Check if the modem or phone are correctly plugged.
  • Plug off the modem/router and the phone for 20 seconds, then plug in again. First the modem/router, then phone.
  • Check if the phone’s screen shows that the phone is registered.
  • If it is not registered, complete the previous steps.
  • If the phone is not registered and you don’t manage to make phone calls, check on the customer portal account’s balance.
  • In case you have credit and you still cannot make phone calls please contact our technical support.

In case of dysfunction

Contact TwyTel

  • Via email, phone or fax


  • The phone number
  • The incident date
  • Time
  • Working hours
  • Working days

Dysfunction charateristics

  • No tonality
  • Irregular losses of tonality
  • No more tonality
  • Bad sound
  • Line inversion
  • No calls or no reception
  • Default on services
  • Default on an option
  • Incoming call possible/Outgoing call impossible

Reach the technical support

TwyTel provides you a 24/7 availability.

It’s solutions: in case of options changes, lines changes, etc.

Reactivity: various ways of contact

  • Send an email to
  • A technician will answer your call asap. Call +3223350101
  • Send a fax to +3223350100

It’s secure.