IP Centrex

Twytel IP Centrex Unified Communication provides a cloud business communication solution for your enterprise. Unified Communication (UC) combines PBX services with collaboration features such as presence, video, conferencing and messaging into a single solution. UC blends previously separate services and features, making communication possible by various means and via multiple devices.

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Virtual number

We provide telephone numbers that makes it possible to call and be called from almost anywhere in the world. Twytel offers you geographic, toll-free, and iNum® telephone numbers from over 80 countries worldwide and more than 10 000 cities.

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Mobile VoIP

Turn your smartphone into a fully-featured extension of your PBX, with the Twytel Softphone App. You’ll be able to make and receive calls over your data connection, Outbound calls will use your business Caller ID, not your personal number. All of the great features of Twytel IP Centrex are included with every call – including call recording, centralized voicemail, direct extension dialing, and much more.

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What is VoIP for Businesses

For those who face with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for the first time it is an Internet telephone service that works as usual landline phone. The cost of the VoIP is cheaper than a standard telephony, but a quality is higher. That’s why business owners around the world use VoIP to make business calls.

You don’t need to have a special knowledge or experience to use VoIP systems because it works like the landline phone: just pick up the phone and dial. You won’t feel the difference except a difference in the price. In addition to cheap cost of Internet calling, VoIP providers propose a lot of advantages for business. For example, voicemail boxes, hunt groups, etc.

How does it work? A VoIP service connects with a hosted IP-PBX (private branch exchange) using your existing Internet connection. A hosted PBX is the system by which phone calls are routed into and out of your office. This system may be situated in off-site locations, also it may be virtual platform hosted completely online (so-called cloud technology). Hosted IP-PBX allows you to use business resources more favorably and economically.