Turn your smartphone into a fully-featured extension of your PBX, with the Twytel Softphone App. You’ll be able to make and receive calls over your data connection, Outbound calls will use your business Caller ID, not your personal number. All of the great features of Twytel IP Centrex are included with every call – including call recording, centralized voicemail, direct extension dialing, and much more.

In fact you can turn any Computer, Device or Cell Phone into a Full-Featured VoIP Extension

All the Features, Plus Business Caller ID

All standard IP Centrex features are available to all calls to and from any Twytel softphones, like call recording, or choosing your caller ID. And softphone calls are included in your business reports so you’ll always have records of every call. You can make outbound calls from your cellular phone without giving up your personal phone number. And call-backs go to your company number so you’ll know they are business calls. You protect yourself while looking more professional.

Save Money when Roaming

By making calls through your softphone you can save on roaming charges. Imagine being in Russia or Mexico with your Twytel softphone or computer. You may have free WiFi at the hotel or business you’re visiting, but normally, you’d have to use the hotel’s expensive international rates or pay huge amounts for international roaming on your cell phone. With Twytel, you make calls through your softphone and WiFi connection, as if you are in your office.

Mobile Call Interruption

There is no need to worry about missing your personal calls while on a business trip.

When a personal call comes into your mobile device, it is simply put on hold until you answer or decline.